10 Ancient Kama Temples

The Tantra tradition of Hinduism positively affirms that you cannot separate the body and the mind from your spirituality and to achieve liberation you must work through them.
Here are 10 Ancient Kama Temples which symbolize that Kama was considered to be spiritual and not hedonistic.
1. Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh

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Khajuraho temples are located in Madhya Pradesh in the small town of Khajuraho which they are named after.It is rumoured that Shiva and other deities visited the region during ancient times to play and hence, the temples were created in their honour. Khajuraho is a depiction of the four goals of Hinduism – Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha.
2. Sun Temple, Konark

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The Sun Temples of Konark are one of the most famous Sun Temples of India. Dedicated to the Sun God, the temple was created in the early 13th century and is also called by the name ‘Black Pagoda’.The sculptures are a part of Samsara which the human must ultimately give up to reach within, on the path of Moksha.
3. Jagdish Mandir, Udaipur

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Jagdish Mandir is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is a 3-storeyed temple elaborately carved. The temple symbolize the worldly pleasures that humans need to give up to reach the inner sanctum or God.
4. Markandeshwar, Maharashtra

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The Markandeshwar Shiv temple, located on the banks of the river, is believed to be extremely holy. As saying goes, the ‘ Intimate’ imagery is the work of demons as the temple is said to have been mysteriously constructed within one night.
5. Padawali, Madhya Pradesh

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The temple probably dedicated to Lord Shiva is believed to be built during 8th to 10th century. Apart from the erotic images a-la Khajuraho ,there are also scenes from Ramayan, Mahabharat and Purans. The trinity of Brahm, Vishnu and Shiv are depicted during their childhood, youth and old days. Even more carvings depict Krishna Leela, Samudra Manthan, wedding of Ganesh, and a dancing Shiva.
6. Sun Temple, Gujarat

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The Sun Temple at Modhera in Gujarat was constructed in the 11th century .The temple has erotic sculptures and the reason cited is that in the olden era, intimacy was neither considered impure nor moralised, as it is today. It was seen as a pure act that brought fertility in the world and helped give birth.
7. Osian, Rajasthan

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Osian Jain Temple is located in Osian, an ancient town on the outskirts of Jodhpur. This place is also known as the Khajuraho of Rajasthan. The erotic imagery here, give the people an idea that intimacy was treated as one of the worldly pleasures, equal to other pleasures, and not looked down upon.
8. Lingaraja Temple, Bhubaneshwar

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Lingaraja Temple in Bhubaneshwar is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple has animal and mythological graffiti as well as sculptures as well as a lot of art and images from the Kamasutra.
9. Tripurantaka Temple, Karnataka

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Tripurantaka temple was constructed in 1070 CE. The temple has a lot of sculptures from the Kamasutra carved on the outer walls along with a huge mythical 2-faced bird believed to have been carved to scare away elephants from entering the premises.
10. Thirumayam, Tamil Nadu

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The Lord Vishnu temple here presents the chapters of the Kamasutra on the outer walls. There is another theory that states that these erotic sculptures were placed on the outer walls of the temples to depict that humans had to leave their desires outside the temple before entering the holy place.