10 Bizzare Foods Of India

Food For The Fearless!
I wanted to know whether Biryanis, Kebabs, Curries and Chutneys are the cuisines relished in India and I was surprised to know that there unexplored cuisines that are coveted too. For instance Silk worm pupas are relished as much as Shahi Tukra and rotten potatoes are treated with as much respect as Kesariya Pulao.
Allow me say that these are not your innocent everyday classics, but those that are prized for being deadly delicacies. So if you are a fearless foodie, read on.
1. Bhang Pakore

Cannabis leaves are used in making this popular dish. It is relished particularly at the onset of spring-around Shivratri and Holi.
2. Eri Polu

Made with silk worm pupas, it is an exotic dish of Assam.
3. Frog Legs

It is among the most sought after delicacy of the Lepchas of Sikkim.
4. Dog Meat

Dog meat is greatly popular in Nagaland and Mizoram and is said to be costlier than Chicken.
5. Khorisa

It is a popular Assamese dish which consists of grated bamboo shoot and is eaten fermented, raw or pickled form.
6. Nahkham

A Garo tribe dish, it is a fish curry made with dried and salted fish and blended with distilled ashes and vegetables. The dish has a terrible smell!
7. Phan Pyut

In parts of Eastern India, rotten potatoes are loved by several communities. The potatoes are allowed to rot in soil. Then they are taken out, treated with spices and eaten.
8. Red Ant Chutney

Known as Chaprah in Chhatisgarh, this delicious, tangy chutney is a much sought after dish by the local tribals.
9. Sorpotel

This Goan dish is made with pork offal. For your information Offal refers to ‘The entrails and internal organs of an animal used as food’ or ‘Refuse or waste material’.
10. Moryechi Xacuti / Baby Shark Curry

This is a popular dish in Coastal regions of India. Specially in Goa, it is a famous and expensive fish curry dish.
If you thought bizarre foods were only eaten by our Oriental cousins, think again. We may just put them to shame. These unique cuisines and dishes has been wondered at by the world as a whole.