10 Exceptionally Beautiful College Campuses In India

Beauty In The Heart Of Study!
Would you like to go to a college whose campus can attract tourists too? A place where you can bask in the sunlight and greenery. In fact, you could get so madly in love with the beauty housed in those boundary walls that you don’t seek a vacation to recharge yourself. All you need to do is wander around the campus. Life couldn’t be better.
1. Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

The sprawling green campus established in 1899 is at an altitude of 942m, the highest point in Bangalore. The IISc campus harbours both exotic and indigenous plant species with about 110
species of woody plants. The roads on the campus are named after the dominant avenue tree species. The building, as one of the prominent landmarks of Bengaluru, was designed by C. F.
Stevens and Company of Bombay in 1912–13.
2. Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati

The 700-acre campus on the northern banks of Brahmaputra and hills bordering the other side will surely allure you with its methodical patches of greenery and well-organized lanes.
3. Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

Believe your eyes, there are deer inside the campus. The 600 odd acres lush green campus is somewhat like a tropical evergreen forest and is just the right place for a nature lover to reside.
4. SSN College of Engineering, Chennai

The 250-acre state of art campus is not near any beach or any hill station but the lush greenery inside will take your breath away. They call it an oasis in a desert.
5. Govind Ballabh Pant Engineering College, Pauri Garhwal

Located in the Garhwal Himalayas, 7000 ft. above the sea level, the campus has a quiet, congenial, hilly and pollution-free environment which surely feels like a paradise.
6. Jaypee University of Information Technology, Himachal Pradesh

The University rests in between amazing Himalayan mountains and you feel like wrapped in a white satin with beauty all around to quench your soul.
7. BITS, Pilani

The location of the campus is unique in the respect of scenic beauty and panoramic view of picturesque, covered with wooded paths and spread over 328 acres.
8. Indian Institute of Management, Indore

Sitting atop a hillock on the outskirts of Indore, the beautiful 193-acre campus is aptly nicknamed “The hillock that never sleeps”. The ‘Sun-Set Point’ in campus provides a spectacular view of the evening sky as well as the skyline of the Indore city at night.
9. University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Bidholi

If you wish to breathe in the fresh air enjoying the beauty of Mussoorie Range Mountains then UPES is the place. Due to its proximity to the mountainous valley, this campus is untouched from the pollution of the rest of the Dehradun city.
10. National Institute of Technology, Karnataka

The National Institute of Technology, Karnataka is probably the only college in India that has its own private beach, including a lighthouse. What else do you need?
Feel blessed if you are a part of any of these. But then, every campus has its own beauty, and it’s own memories to treasure for a lifetime. No wonder we say “Those were the days”.