10 Revolutionary Facts About The ‘White Revolution’

There were great innovative steps and strategies that were adopted by the dairy co-operative and under the leadership of Dr. Kurien, an estimated level of 710 lakh tonnes of milk was produced in 1997-98. This project had more than 73,000 diary co-operatives, which covered more than 3 crore farmers across the country.
Here are 10 Facts which made Amul the milk power.
1) Amul was the result of the cooperative movement of Gujrat. White revolution was an Indian milk movement against the Polson Dairy way back in 1946.

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2) Before Amul, India was a milk deficit country. After 40 years of Amul, India became one of the world’s second largest producer of milk and dairy products.

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3) In October 1955, Amul came up with a breakthrough in dairy technology; buffalo milk was processed to make products for the first time in the world.

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4) Kurien experimented with ways to produce milk powder from buffalo milk. This culminated in the establishment of India’s first ever milk powder plant.
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5) Amul reaches one million retailers everyday with 10,000 dealers with 3.6 million milk producers, earning a total revenue of 3.4 billion.

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6) Full form of Amul is Anand Milk Unions Limited. It’s also associated with the sanskrit word “Amoolya”.

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7) The Amul model has helped India to emerge as the largest milk producer in the world. More than 15 million milk producers pour their milk in 1,44,500 dairy cooperative societies across the country.

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8)The Amul girl was born in 1966. She has already completed 50 years, Amul celebrated her golden jubilee a couple of years ago.

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9) Amul’s architect and chairman late Dr Verghese Kurien died in the 50th year of the creation of Amul.

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10) Former Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri created the National Dairy Development Board based on Amul’s management, resource and infrastructure arrangements.

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The White revolution being very successful, has led opportunities to more than 13.4 million people, of which 3.4 million are women. This has also helped women to empower themselves. Around 177 milk unions are present today covering in about 346 districts making India the largest milk producing country.
Today India exports milk to foreign countries and supermarkets across the globe.