12 Reasons Why Music Is The Best Medicine

Indian music therapy, otherwise known as Sangita Chikithsa (meaning treatment by music), is quite an old and familiar concept in Indian culture. Many references are found in ancient Sanskrit texts and literature, like for instance, in Raga Nidhi, Raga Vibodha, Ragamala, Ragas, Raginis and Raga Tattva Nidhi. Even references to the clinical application of music for curative purposes can be seen in Sri Muttuswami Dikshitar’s (one of the Musical Trinity of South India) Navagraha (nine planetary) compositions for curing various ailments.
1) Music therapy can cure all kinds of diseases except cancer and diabetes, though this treatment helps extend the lifespan of cancer patients.

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2) Music therapy is widely used to control and cure depression, stress, anxiety, BP, migraine, body pain, rheumatism.

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3) Soft music is used for heart patients and high rhythm for low BP patients.
4) The classical music that one listens to transforms the improvement of the ear function and also recharges the cortex of the brain.

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5) Music is very effective in improving concentration in children.

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6) The mantras, sacred chants, and planetary mantras are to be heard and listened to on a day-to-day basis to cleanse the energy around and purify the body.
7) The mantras are from the old textual traditions as prescribed by the great saints and seers of the Indian traditional lore.
8) Indian music is very effective for healing and improving the behavior pattern of even your pet.

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9) “Raga Chikitsa,” one of the ancient texts elaborates on the therapeutic role of musical melodies.
10) The resilience of character of ancient people as observed by Indian historians can probably be attributed to the musical practices of olden days.
11) The swaras (notes) Sa, Ma, Pa of the Indian classical system are compared to the sounds produced by peacock, cuckoo and heron respectively.

12) Music can harness nature – from blossoms, trees and animals to the human mind.
Music therapy is a programme that uses music to heal ailments. It is a listening therapy programme using specially filtered classical music to improve ear and brain function. A link is established between the sounds we hear and our functioning in speech, learning, energy and stress. Hearing is physical and listening is psychological. Both are vital to our communication skills, establishing good relationships, socialising, and learning intuitiveness.