13 Prominent Facts about O.V. Vijayan

O.V. Vijayan, was undoubtedly one of the most prominent Indian writers and one of the early exponents of modern fiction in Malayalam. As a vibrant writer, with his down-to-earth style, Vijayan often took the liberty of reinterpreting history to suit the needs of his story line.
The uniqueness of Vijayan lies in the fact that he could present the queries of life with philosophical insight.
1. Oottupulackal Velukkutty Vijayan or O.V. Vijayan as he was called was born in Vilayanchathanur, Kerala, British India [India].

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2. Born premature in the seventh month, Vijayan was sickly from childhood and spent most of his time confined to his room.
3. Vijayan spent most of his childhood in police camps, as his father, O Velukkuttty was an officer in the Malabar Special Police
4. He was a very weak and lonely child. Instead of playing with other children, he spent time observing nature and it was manifested in all his literary works later in life.
5. He was a cartoonist and a writer of political satire in Shanker’s Weekly in Delhi, a staff cartoonist in the Patriot, and also worked in The Hindu and The Statesman.

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6. He was a leading figure in Malayalam literature.
7. His best-known work remains Khasakkinte Itihasam (1969, serialized in 1968; The Legends of Khasak) Khasakkinte Itihasam does not have a single narrative plot. It is crafted in the form of the spiritual journey of an under-graduate dropout, Ravi. The novel begins with Ravi’s arrival at Khasak and his encounters with its people.

8. It took twelve years of writing and rewriting for Vijayan to finally serialise Khasakkinte Ithihasam in Mathrubhumi in 1969.

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9. Vijayan had been suffering from Parkinson’s disease for the last several years.
10. He was awarded the Padma Shree in 2001 for his contribution to literature.
11. He mesmerised at least two generations of Malayalis and strongly influenced an entire generation
12. During the emergency, he wrote a political satire titled Dharmapuranam, a novel full of political allegory.

13. Vijayan also became the first Malayalee author to highlight the issue of environmental degradation.

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He was known to the rest of the country as a political commentator and a cartoonist, but to every Malayali, Vijayan will always be the writer who created history with Khasakinte Ithihasam. And the man who created Khasak can never die.