5 Humane Persons who Spearheaded Blood Donation

On 14th June every year, the World Health Organization and its member countries observe World Blood Donor Day (WBDD) to raise awareness about the safety of blood and blood products. It aims to express gratitude to blood donors around the world who play an important role in saving millions of lives.
1) Story of Ratan Tata about Blood Donation

Picture: Ratan Tata
There is a blood bank inside the every TATA premises. At TATA if you donate a bottle of blood, not only are you given off for that day, but you can also avail an extra leave within 7 days of donating the blood.
When asked about the man-hours lost because of this policy, Ratan Tata said, & quot; Have you ever thought of the number of man-hours that get added to the person’s life who receives that blood in the time of necessity? I am ready to sacrifice some of our man-hours for the better good of humanity.”
2) Lata Amashi-the go-to woman for blood donation

Picture: Lata Amashi
In August 2016, a team from the Rotary Bangalore, etched their names in history, by collecting 3034 litres of blood across 13 locations in Karnataka, over the course of 8 hours. It was a Guinness World Record for blood donation, and they still hold it today. Among this team of volunteers was Lata Amashi, a 64-year-old who is the chairperson for blood donation, and is the go-to for all blood-related matters, from arranging camps to obtaining blood on short notice!
3) Gautam Adani of the pan-India Adani Group

Picture: Gautam Adani
The Adani Act organized a pan-India Blood Donation Drive on June 24, 2016. Gautam Adani commenced the drive by donating blood for the noble cause. Led by his example, the employees of Adani Group across India came forward with enthusiasm and collectively donated an impressive 9655 units of blood in a single day. This speaks volumes about the commitment of the Adani Group towards contributing for welfare of the society.
4) Ajay Kumar, Vice-President, Enviro

Picture: Enviro organizing blood donation
Backed by Mr. Ajay Kumar, Vatika group’s Enviro wing has initiated a life saving cause by organizing blood donation drive in collaboration with the National Thalassemia Welfare Society. A total collection of 104 blood units has been made so far. Mr Ajay Kumar, feels that every Thalassemia patients deserves the gift of life.
5) Varun Sharma, Senior Associate ,Fiinovation

Picture: Fiinovation
At Fiinovation, actions speak louder than words. Since the past four years, Varun Sharma has taken the initiative to organize blood donation camps on their foundation day. Fiinovation does their bit by donating blood after every 56 days while continuing to propagate the virtues of blood donation to those who may harbor doubts about blood donation. Mr. Varun Sharma is a man of action, not observation.
As per the facts of WHO, 8 million units of blood are collected globally every year. Only 45% of these are donated in developing countries and transitional countries where more than 80 % of world’s population lives.