5 Mind Boggling Indian Marriages

The practice of animal-human marriage has made appearances in several mythological stories and folklore and is often understood to mean a deity-human marriage involving gods or heroes.
Here are five mind-boggling Indian marriages you should know about!
1) Indian girls ‘marry’ frogs

Image Source: https://bit.ly/2L9ZGhW
These marriages were conducted in Tamil Nadu, as part of a centuries-old “Pongal” harvest tradition to “prevent the outbreak of mysterious diseases in the village”. The ceremony has its roots in the story of the Hindu God Shiva who turned himself into a frog following a quarrel with his wife Parvati
2) Astrology may make you marry a tree

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According to an old Hindu custom, the only way to break the ‘ Mangalik or Mars bearing ‘ curse for a bride is to marry a peepal or banana tree! Yes, a tree!!! The tree is then destroyed, and the curse is broken. A bride can also marry a silver or golden idol of the Hindu God Vishnu.
3) The husband’s a real hound

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As part of an Indian tribal ritual to ward off evil spirit, girls are often married off to dogs. It is believed by many tribals that marrying a dog will add to a girl’s fortune and give her husband a long life.
4) People can marry cows too–and sometimes they do!

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If a soothsayer says a man’s wife will die soon after marriage, he has a viable option to lift the curse… at least in India. He can marry a young, petite, adorable cow!
5) Marrying a rat

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There are times when men marry young rats believing they are the reincarnation of their dead wives. One such man is 41-year old Chidhatma Basu who lost his wife in a car accident in January 2017.

We Indians have a rich cultural tradition built over thousands of years. Some of them are indeed unimaginably bizarre but perhaps that is what makes India such an interesting land.