5 Most Unique Museums of Incredible India

Here are 5 of the most unique museums of India-

1. Sulabh International Museum of Toilets – Delhi

India’s only toilet museum, located in the capital New Delhi. Established in 1992 by sociologist Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak, The exhibits include chamber pots, painted urinals, carved commodes, privies, toilet furniture, bidets, and water closets, dating back to 1145 AD. The highlights include a French toilet shaped like a bookshelf
2. Human Brain Museum – Bengalaru

This museum, is located in the basement of the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (Nimhans), contains brain specimens of humans and a few animals. At the end of the tour, visitors get to hold a real brain in their hands.
3. Mayong Central Museum and Emporium – Guwahati

Mayang , also known as “the Land of Black Magic” , is a village in Marigaon district in Assam. The Mayong Central Museum and Emporium is d edicated to the origins of black magic and tantra. It houses local artifacts like ancient witchcraft manuscripts and swords that were believed to be used for making human sacrifices. Visitors may be treated to a magic show, where ancient rituals for casting healing spells are performed.
4. Kite Museum – Ahmedabad

At the Le Corbusier-designed Sanskar Kendra is the country’s only Kite Museum. Look out for the kite made from 400 paper scraps and the hexagonal Japanese kites, Rokkaku. The history of kites is also on display, from 200 BC when Huien Tsang flew a kite at night.
5. Desert Museum- Jodhpur

This museum showcases the diversity of desert life, including traditional art, musical instruments, indigenous plants, and herbs. The main exhibit at the museum is devoted to the broom, and myths and beliefs surrounding this object of daily use.
Museums look to the future. Museums not only present the past to an audience today, but is also an inspiration to the future. Infact kites were the forerunner to balloons and gliders.