6 Out Of The Box Indian Start-Ups You Should Know About

With every other person nursing an entrepreneurial idea, India has seen numerous start-ups cropping up to cater to various needs and causes in the last decade. While some of them are well within the boundaries of the basics, some are extremely experimental with their services.
Let’s look at a few startups that are well beyond the ordinary.
Pikkabox – A delight for globetrotters who can’t globetrot.

Pikkabox is a subscription site that delivers envious non-travellers curated hampers of souvenirs from around the world. The founders of Pikkabox travel to places and send location-specific souvenir hampers to their subscribers.
BarkNBond – A start-up that loves your canine friend as much as you.

A unique start-up by Pranita Balar, a certified Canine Consultant & Dognition Evaluator, BarkNBond is the solution to every dog owners’ concerns. BarkNBond has created a niche in the start-up ecosystem by promising services in puppy consultation, basic obedience training, toilet training, dog tricks and even pet camp with positive training methods.
Feeding India – A single individual’s zeal to connect people to fight hunger.

Ankit Kawatra, a young man of not more than twenty-six founded Feeding India to tackle the dual problem of food wastage and hunger. In a Herculean feat, Ankit allows all kinds of organizations and individuals with excess food to distribute it among the starving poor.
Better Brains – Something that covers mental workout without crunching numbers.

A start-up founded by Nick Ratterman and Krithika Kumar with the aim of helping people detoxify, Better Brains is the app you need for holistic stress busting. Better Brains offers programs that integrate activities like physical exercises, yoga, meditation, and nutritional counseling in your daily life to keep your mind healthy.
Feazt – Host a party and share food to know new people.

If you like cooking and throwing parties, Feazt lets you organize gigs where strangers come to a party at your place and pay for the meal too! If that is not a good enough reason for you to avail the services of Feazt, the idea of cultural exchange and hearing strangers’ stories should.
YourDOST – An app to restore your mental hygiene.

An emotional wellness platform conceptualised by Richa Singh and Puneet Manuja, YourDOST provides online mental health care advice from certified psychologists. A country where most people feel apprehensive about reaching out for their mental health, YourDOST is the perfect way to seek help while remaining anonymous.
With start-ups like these pushing the social scene forward, do you think you could have the next revolutionary entrepreneurial idea?