9 Nail Biting Psychological Thrillers

Nail-biting suspense which does not allow you to rest your mind and keeps you thinking hours after the film is over could be the correct description of a psychological thriller. Indian film makers have made numerous films in this genre and they're quite subjective in nature.
1. Gajini ( Tamil / Telegu / Hindi)

The film explores the life of a wealthy businessman who develops anterograde amnesia following a violent encounter in which his love interest was killed.
2. Daar(Hindi)

Shahrukh Khan has been seeing conversing with his mother who expired 18 years in a car accident. The climax of the movie is inspired by a Hollywood film Cape Fear.
3. Nenokkadine ( Telegu)

Rockstar Gautam (Mahesh Babu) suffers from psychological disorder due to which he imagines that he killed 3 people avenging his parents death.
4. Kaun ( Hindi)

At the end of the movie it is established that the woman is mentally ill and is in fact the serial killer on the loose, as she cleans up the bodies and rearranges the furniture and proceeds to talk to her mother using the disconnected telephone. Before the credits it is shown there is another man at the door asking
for Mr. Malhotra, she then turns to the camera and smiles devilishly.
5. Error Not Found (Hindi)

This film follows a professor who believes that everything has a scientific explanation. This theory when put to test reveals new information which could be supernatural in nature.
6. Sangharsh

This film is the story of a psychopath who believes in the sacrifice of children for immortality.
7. 100 Days

This is the story of a woman with extra-sensory perception.
8. 15 Park Avenue ( Bengali)

This a story of 30-something Mitali aka Meethi (Konkona Sen Sharma) suffers from Schizophrenia and is taken care of by her older, divorced sister Anjali aka Anu (Shabana Azmi), who is a professor, and their ageing mother (Waheeda Rehman).
9. Ahalya

Sujaoy Ghosh’s Ahalya is the revenge and justice of modern Ahalya.
You need to go back a little in Hindu Mythology and understand story of Ahalya. Only here instead of curse acting upon innocent Ahalya (as it happened in history), it acted upon the cop and the actual sinner gets punished turns into the stone.
Psychological thrillers suck the viewer in completely and they go through a roller-coaster of theories while the film is on and pull the rug from under their feet when they least expect it.