Provisional Government of Azad Hind

75 Years back on this day, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose declared the creation of the Free India Provisional Government at the Cathay Building, Singapore.


The Provisional Government not only enabled Bose to negotiate with the Japanese on an equal footing but also facilitated the mobilization of Indians in East Asia to join and support the INA. Soon after the announcement, the Provisional Government received recognition from various countries like, Japan, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Burma, Thailand, Nationalist China, Philippines etc.


Members of the Cabinet:

  • Lt Col A C Chatterjee           Minister of Finance
  • Dr (Capt) Lakshmi Sahgal    Minister of Women’s Organisation
  • Shri A M Sahay                    Secretary with Ministerial Rank
  • Shri S A Ayer                       Minister of Publicity and Propaganda
  • Lt Col J K Bhonsle               Representative of INA
  • Lt Col Loganathan               Representative of INA
  • Lt Col Ehsan Qadir              Representative of INA
  • Lt Col N S Bhagat                Representative of INA
  • Lt Col M Z Kiani                   Representative of INA
  • Lt Col Aziz Ahmed               Representative of INA
  • Lt Col Shah Nawaz Khan    Representative of INA
  • Lt Col Gulzara Singh           Representative of INA
  • Rash Behari Bose               Supreme Advisor
  • Karim Giani                         Advisor from Burma
  • Debnath Das                      Advisor from Thailand
  • Sardar Ishar Singh             Advisor from Thailand
  • D M Khan                           Advisor from Hong Kong
  • A Yellappa                         Advisor from Singapore
  • A N Sarkar                         Advisor from Singapore

Salute to the great soldiers of India, Jai Hind!