Different Shades of Kamakhya – The Devotion of an Aghori


Binod Nath, an Aghori from the land of tantric temples at Tarapith in West Bengal, has been a regular visitor to the Ambubachi Mela in Kamakhya Temple for the last 25 years. This time too, he, along with thousands others, has arrived in Guwahati to seek the blessings of Maa Kamakhya. Aghoris follow an unconventional and radical path towards enlightenment.

Draped in black, this practitioner of Aghori path, talked about the significance of the black colour.

“Black is the colour worn by Aghoris. It is the colour of Mahakal, Shani and Mahakali. Black has brightness of light in it. Every other colour gets stained, but black remains pure. Do you know why? Because black is the indicator of sadness and sorrow.”

He further added, “There is one Goddess (Mata) and ten supreme wisdoms (Dasamahavidya). Goddess has different names but she is the same. She is Kamakhya, she is Bagala, she is Tara, she is Chinasmastika, she is Dakhineshwar Kali. Everyone is the same. All are Mother Goddess Kamakhya.”