Environment Friendly Innovations

Here’s a look at 5 interesting environment friendly innovations in the country.
Go Green. Make The Environment Clean.
1) The Walkie Mobi Charger

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Anand Gangadharan and Mohak Bhalla, both students of South Delhi’s Mount Carmel School, invented a compact device that automatically acts as a portable mobile charger when attached to the heel of a shoe, when the person is running. The mould, wiring and shaping the metal sheets were all done from scratch by the two school boys.

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‘Griha’ is also the Sanskrit word for ‘abode’ and it is here to keep things in check. GRIHA’s aim is to moderate a building’s resource consumption, control and reduce waste generation and assess overall ecological impact. With the unrelenting increase in Indian population and rapid urbanization, this is definitely the need of the hour.
3) Mitticool

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Brainchild of Mansukhlal Raghavjibhai Prajapati, a modest clay craftsman, Mitticool is a cheap clay refrigerator for the rural population, that does not require electricity. Prajapati produces this refrigerator in a tiny village near Rajkot in rural Gujarat.
4) Mainstreaming Coastal and Marine Biodiversity into Production Sectors in Sindhudurg Coast in Maharashtra .

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In the Sindhudurg Coast, identified as one of the 11 most economically and ecologically critical areas, this project which is an initiative of the UNDP, works for the protection of coastal and marine biodiversity. They have:-
* Launched the ‘Clean Beach’ campaign across 29 beaches along Sindhudurg coast to create awareness on impact of non-biodegradable wastes on marine life.
* Conducted workshops to sensitize staff of Fisheries department, Zilla Parishad and various production sectors on biodiversity conservation.
5) Windmill-operated tube well

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A grassroots innovation by two brothers from Darrang district in Assam, who have just passed higher secondary college, has proved to be a boon to the salt farmers of Little Rann of Kutch in coastal Gujarat. The windmill-operated pumps have replaced diesel pump sets, that they were earlier dependent on, to pump out seawater for making salt. The result is a reduction of operational expenses by about 40%. Their cost-effective alternative was made with locally available bamboo, tin sheet, strips of old tyres and an iron shaft, then connected to a hand-pump.
We know about the need to save the environment and we often talk about it. But most of us only talk. A very few of us actually do something. Let’s resolve to work towards saving the environment – even a small step counts.