Indira Nooyi

A simple girl from Chennai coming from a conservative family comes to the US to pursue higher studies, with very little money and no real back up. Situations were tough, failure wasn’t an option and the struggle was fierce. Her first big interview happened with a giant American corporation, something she had prepared for days. She was confident to do well. But she didn’t. She was rejected primarily because of wearing an ankle length formal trousers which made her comfortable. Indra was upset and called her teacher who suggested her to wear whatever comforted her. She appeared for her next interview in a Saree and aced it. That was one of the many simple yet awe-inspiring incidents from the life of Indra Nooyi, the IIM Kolkata Alumni. She is currently one of the most influencial CEOs in the world. As the boss of Pepsico boss and the breaker of all Glass Ceilings, only sky has been the limit.