KLocal- Kolkata’s Newest Dine-out Favourite

KLocal located in Salt Lake, Kolkata is the newest and the most desirable food baby on the block. The place is kitschy and is the most sought-after dining destination in the City of Joy. Moreover, every nook and cranny of this eatery oozes of Kolkata’s characteristic nostalgia besides serving scrumptious food and drinks.
As the name, KLocal, subtly stands for Kolkata Local, and the vibe of the name is reflected in its décor. Graffiti and stickers of Yellow Black Taxi, Vidyasagar Setu Bridge, Howrah Bridge, Tram, and much more brighten up the place’s walls. They have both indoor as well as outdoor seating. They also boast of a dreamy rooftop complete with luxurious cabanas.

ADKJ’s team paid a visit to this hipster hub to list down the best picks from its mind-boggling multi-cuisine.
Here’s what we suggest you try…
1. Peach Fantasy
True to its name, this mocktail is a fantasy for the taste buds. Made of fresh peach fruit juice, peach syrup, lime juice, orange juice and topped with Sprite, this is the perfect fizzy summer drink.

2. Dark Invader
Sounding much like the beloved fictional character of the Star Wars franchise, Darth Vader, this drink is a heady potion of black grapes, blueberry crush, grape juice and pineapple juice.

3. Fusion
This concoction of strawberry crush, mint leaves, lime juice, cranberry juice, pineapple juice and Sprite is the sip you’d want to take while enjoying Kolkata’s skyline from KLocal’s cabanas on a breezy evening.

4. Bhatti ke Lollipop
You are in for a flavourful ride the moment you take a bite of this lip-smacking dish. Resembling typical Chinese chicken lollipops and flavoured too with Chinese infusions, these drumsticks are roasted in a tandoor for a North-Indian twist.

5. Exotic Bullet
These bullets are not just exotic, they are a bomb of wholesome flavours. Basically Manchurian balls stuffed with cheese, this dish is the perfect fusion appetizer.

6. KLocal Phuchka
Served with imli paani in shot glasses, KLocal’s special phuchka is everything jazzy. Golden crisp on the outside with a sweet and spicy filling inside, these phuchkas will become your favourite.

7. Melting Mushrooms
This dish is a vision to the eyes- mushrooms dripping in butter and brimming with melted cheddar and scamorza propped on the brims of shot glasses. Garnished with thyme leaves and served with sweet chilli dip, these will melt in your mouth.

8. Panko-coated Butter Fry Prawn
Fried to a crisp perfection, these juicy prawns are any seafood lover’s best bet at KLocal. Crusted in panko, served with house salad topped with bright red cherry tomatoes, this dish is a fusion trip of Japan’s taste down Kolkata’s memory lane.

9. Khao Suey
This bright yellow Burmese curry served with steaming hot noodles is an Oriental gastronomic treat. Served along with various garnishings in small bowls, this dish almost gives you a DIY feel and is highly recommended if you want to try out an amazing flavorsome Khao Suey.

10. Kolkata Chicken Biryani Platter
This hot handi of saffron coloured rice decorated with a fancifully sliced egg will surely make you drool. Served with raita, green salad and roasted papad, this is a complete meal of the most versatile Mughlai flavours.

It is without a doubt that K Local serves the best of multi-cuisine and fusion dishes. The chef is as skilled in mixing his flavours as he is in innovating around them. Dished beautifully, prepared with all the warmth of flavour and love for food, hit up this place for a completely insta-grammable dine-out.

Bon Appetit!