Northeast- The Unconquered Land

According to history, the Northeastern part of India is the only part which the Mughals could not occupy during their reign. Owing to the fact that Mughals took the path through West Bengal to reach the northeastern part of India, Assam being the nearest in this passage faced all the invasions by the Mughals alone. There were a total of 17 invasions on Assam from time to time.

The brave King Lachit Borphukan in the Battle of Saraighat and other kings in power prior to Lachit and after him continuously fought the Mughals and Delhi Sultans ensuring Assam to be free from Muslim invasions.
It is believed that before the Battle of Saraighat, Mughals somehow reached Guwahati threatening their expansion to the northeast further after the battle threats were removed.

A little glitch in the year 1679 changed the scenario after the death of Lachit Barphukan in 1672. From 1679 to 1682 Guwahati being deserted by Laluk Sola, brother of Lachit, left it to the Mughals and only in 1682 the Ahoms under Gadadhar Singha recovered it. After this Mughal control ended forever in Northeast, India.