Open the beer can in these 9 exotic places

First bottle: “Nice To Mee, Second bottle: friends now, Third bottle: We are friends forever.
That is the magic of beer, and we all know about the awesomeness of having beer buddies!
Have beer for fun, patch -up a break-up, say cheers to a new friendship… there can be hundreds of reason for drinking beer. Beer unites people across the globe and there are numerous places across India, where you can have a heart warming beer.
Here are 10 exotic places where you can have beer with friends.
1 Masti Ka Pathshala in Nahargarh Fort

This is where ‘ Sukhi’ flew in ‘Rang De basanti’ and if you too wish to feel up there in the air, this is the place to visit for great pints of Beer.
2. Hug The Clouds with a Beer in Laitlum Canyon, Shillong

Not only do you enjoy your favourite beer in Laitlum Canyon, but also might not wish to leave the place. Beer in and around this place means a rendezvous with the clouds.
3. Manali and Beer … an unbeatable experience.

When it comes to sharing a beer in Manali, nothing can beat the experience. You have snow clad mountains, perfumed pine forests, crisp winds and the stunning views around …you just can’t resist the temptation of having a beer in Manali!
4. Sit back with a beer in Coorg

In magical Coorg, all you can wish for is a beer in hand and a relaxed you! Just gaze at the stars, feel the soft wind around you with a beer in hand.
5. Jaisalmer Desert Camps.. royalty at it’s best.

With the open sky over your head and golden sands of the Thar dessert humming a gentle song , it’s sheer bliss to enjoy a beer here!
6. Beer In The Wilderness of Ranthambore

Feel the pulsating excitement in the wildlife camps of Ranthambore National Park, with a chilled beer in hand and encounters with the untamed beasts.
7. Zanskar Valley, Ladakh. The perfect reason for beer.

Breathtaking views, singing Zanskar river and a frozen beer in hand. Can you think of anything better ! In the months of January-February, you may have the option of chilled or frozen beer.
8. Beer beside Changu Lake in Sikkim

The clear blue sky, the tall , majestic hills and mountains, the stunning beauty of the landscapes and a beer in hand… an experience of a lifetime. All you need to do is dip your bottle in the lake and out comes a chilled bottle.
9. A Beer with the One-Horned Rhinos in Kaziranga

Fascinating wildlife, the sheer feel of openness, the surrounding beauty, all this and more will definitely tempt you to gulp down a beer!
Come! Party with family and friends at these astonishingly beautiful places, and feel the magic and charm of sharing a bottle of beer with them.