Rajanikanth – a life less ordinary

He lost his mother at the age of 5.
He studied only till high school in Ramkrishna Mission.
He struggled with severe financial crises through out his childhood and early youth working as a coolie and then a bus conductor. That is exactly how Shivaji Rao Gawekwad’s life used to be before he became Rajanikanth, the phenomenon. An icon, revered across the country, Rajnikanth triggers a frenzy among spectators by doing superhuman manoeuvres on screen, however, he is nothing short of a superhero in real life. His humility is exemplary, even after achieving such dizzying heights of fame and fortune he continues value his pre stardom friends and relatives as much as he used to back in the past. A true role model for millions. His life is more awe inspiring than the numerous jokes that are based on his reel feats — one which we must notice with greater attention than the way he flips his goggle .