Ten interesting facts about Kalaripayattu

Here are ten points about this wondrous form of meditation.
1) Kalaripayattu is the oldest of all known martial art forms.

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2) Bodhi Dharma, a Buddhist monk who was also adept in Kalaripayattu, spread the art form in China eventually evolving into kung fu.

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3) Kalaripayattu is among the 64 arts described in the vedas.

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4) Kalaripayattu is considered one of the incarnations of Shakti or Energy.

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5) The first student in the chain was Lord Parashurama himself.

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6) The knowledge of Kalaripayattu was recorded 2500 years ago on palm leaves.

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7) Unlike all other types of martial arts, Kalaripayattu was trained not by Kshatriyas (warriors), but by Brahmins.

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8) Kalaripayattu consists of 5 interrelated parts: martial art, ayurveda, yoga, astrology and spiritual practice.

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9) The technique of Kalaripayattu originated from the study of the habits of 8 warrior animals of India: the lion, battle boar, cobra, elephant, tiger, horse, fighting cock and the buffalo.

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10) Kalaripayattu is often called fighting yoga.

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It is difficult to trace with certainty the origins of the Kalari art. Numerous local stories passed down the generations attribute the founding primarily to Lord Shiva, Sage Parasurama and Sage Agastya, some 3000 years ago. Moreover, the practice of this form finds place in the Dhanur Vedic texts and the Vishnu Purana, which describe it as one of the 18 traditional branches of knowledge.